The Douglas House Marketplace of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

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Swartz's Etchings and More

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Hand Etched & Hand Painted Granite Memorials, Granite Tiles and Agate Slices. Pet Portraits and Pencil Art. Carved Stone Animals. Agate & Gemstone Necklaces and Key Chains and much more!

Ray M. Swartz's artistic talent was discovered at a very early age. His God given talent of drawing began at roughly age 2 and has been expanding for 45 years. He has 30 years of doing pencil portraits, fantasy, wildlife, and religious pencil art. He has a good 20 plus years of doing oils and has sold many of his early creations. In the past few years he has expanded into doing acrylics, pet portraits, paintings on feathers, rocks and his latest, creating beautiful hand etchings on granite tiles and Agate slices. He is employed as an artist, doing etchings and shape carving (a form of sand blasting) for various monument companies in north eastern, PA, USA.
Ray has always had a very active imagination which helps him create his fantasy works. He has a deep love of the early Celtic time period which shows in this work. Although he has been doing a lot of pet portraits and wildlife scenes, his fantasy art will always be his first love.

Ray's work can also be seen at his Facebook page.

Race Street Level

Ray M. Swartz

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